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Putting it all together.

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Putting it all together.
Hello all!

I am working on an idea for a information website and want to use several of the GT scripts to pull it all together. The main attraction of the site will be its discussion area (Gossamer Forum). Additionally, there will be a comprehensive database and link area (DBManSQL and LinksSQL). I currently cannot test the programs completely as I do not have access to an SQL server (soon to be remedied).

Each of the script-based areas along with the html only areas without any type of cohesion would still make the site attractive and useful. Ultimately, I would want to put it all together in one package creating a single website instead of multiple sub-site at the same domain.

Obviously, each area would have the same general design and would include links to the different areas but I want more.

I have found that by familiarizing myself with the scripts used and getting guidence from the forums, that nearly anything is possible for the GT scripts. So I want to be able to do things like search the either entire site or just a specified area of the site by keyword or phrase.

So, given the fact that most of the GT scripts utilize similar functions, is it possible to link them all-together in such a way the the site will act as a single unit instead of multiple units smashed together to resemble a single unit?

I don't need a how-to quite yet just whether this is feasible and a suggestion or two as to how best to proceed (i.e. Script A with Mod 13 and Script C with Mod 38).

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Marcus L. Griswold
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