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Putting Entire Forum into Read Only Mode

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Putting Entire Forum into Read Only Mode
Hello All,

We've moved on to a new forum, but I want to "mothball" the old forum that was powered by Gossamer. In other words, people can read/search, etc., but cannot make new posts.

How can I do this? One thing I thought was that I could set every user to "Guest" (except the Admins of course) which would mean that they cannot post. Is there an easy way to do this in one fell swoop? I have 1500 users, so don't really feel like doing it one at a time.

Or is there another clever trick to accomplish my goal?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Best WIshes,
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Re: [Mark Coniglio] Putting Entire Forum into Read Only Mode In reply to
OK. Maybe I've answered my own question. In the Forum Admin, under Setup > Admin Panel Settings I found this:


which has the option to change the access to "Read Access" instead of "Read/Reply/Post Access." So, if I'm an admin, and I change this setting to "Read Access", then the forum becomes read only for everyone, yes? And I will retain admin status, so I can still do stuff with full permissions? (My status is listed as "Administrator" while other users are "Registered."

If someone could confirm this is the way to go, that would be great.

Assuming this will handle my initial problem, then my final question would be how to modify the front page to indicate that the forum has moved to a new location? I suppose I can modify the forum title and indicate it there... but it would be cool to provide a link to the new forum.

Any advice on this?

Thanks again,