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Protecting templates from upgrades?

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Protecting templates from upgrades?
I've been running Gossamer Forums since 1.0.0, and have upgraded twice.

I also have heavily modified both the user templates and the global variables to have my own colour scheme as well as "look and feel".

The problem I have is that every time I upgrade, it overwrites my templates in terms of the global variables; which control the colour scheme, the way in which the body_tag and body_table are defined, etc.

How would I go about protecting these, while at the same time getting the extra functionality that the version increments provide?

The way I do it now is by generating unified diffs and patching the appropriate files. It's a bit painful though.

Is there an option that I'm missing? Or is it as simple as creating a seperate directory for a template set and setting that as default? Will that handle the global vars as well?

Thanks for any and all help!
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Re: [zoherest] Protecting templates from upgrades? In reply to

There were problems in earlier versions, but with 1.1.1, we should have it all sorted out. Any changes you make to globals, language, or templates will be stored in templates/default/local. When you upgrade, the upgrade will replace all files in templates/default, but not touch your changes.

The only place you can run into problems, is if you manually edit any of the templates in templates/default (the online editor automatically saves it properly).

The advantadge of doing it this way, is when you upgrade your template editor will show you which files have changes, and you can get a diff of what's changed.


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