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Profile Integration

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Profile Integration
Hello and happy holidays,

We recently purchased the Gossamer Forum, and would like to integrate the forum profile update function into our main customer subscription system, which also uses MySQL for the backend db. So when a user updates the forum profile password, we want it to also change the password in our subscription system, so both password are the same.

We've figured out how to add a new subscriber to the forum tables _User and _UserGroup tables, but haven't quiet figure the scheme to update our subscriber tables when a user changes their password, so I hoping to get some insite on the module(s) used so I can have it also update our subscriber tables at the same time it updates the forum tables.

Hope this makes some sense :)

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Re: [mickalo] Profile Integration In reply to

To update the password, you need to set the user_password field in the User table. By default all passwords are encrypted. To encrypt a password in perl, use:

use GT::MD5::Crypt;
my $encrypted = GT::MD5::Crypt::gt_md5_crypt($clear_password, $random_salt);


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