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Problems w/ Subscriptions (GLinks 3???)

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Problems w/ Subscriptions (GLinks 3???)

After I installed GLinks, I had some weird search problems on Forum. Specifically, some automated seaches I made that would output the 5 most recent posts and similar stopped getting results. I had to "massage" the seraches to finally get results- I have to remove the time=1d part of the search... and I think I added a "user=guest" thing or something.... anyway, got it working.

But now it looks like subscriptions are NOT working. The script runs, does not error, but is over in about 1 second- not nearly long enough to send 100's of messages. Strangely, my OTHER forum subscriptions is running fine. The forum runs in Mod_Perl w/ Links 3.01 and Comm 1.0.1

Any ideas how to start tracking this down?

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