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Private message function

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Private message function
One of the sore points, addressed, in the new w3t, has been keeping copies of outgoing private messages. It's very easy in a 2 or 3 letter exchange to completely lose track of the thread.

Two solutions:

1) an option to cc all PM's (incoming and outgoing) to your regulaar email address
2) keep copies of outgoing PM's in an outgoing list (like w3t did in 5.3/5.4).

a 3rd, somewhat less useful, but hybrid option:

3) automatically copy the message to the reply (this uses up more storage so I like the idea of 1 or 2 above better).

Very useful for keeping things clear.

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Funny you should mention that. A while back Alex asked if there were any features I'd like to see in the new forum and I mentioned outgoing pm storage (like an inbox/outbox) but I guess the idea didn't make it :(

Hopefully getting a few people to point out that it is a useful addition may encourage Jason to implement it.

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