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Potential bug in Forum.pm?

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Potential bug in Forum.pm?
Hello again,

I found what I believe is a bug in GForum::Table::Forum.pm.... GT staff, is this correct?

in sub _plg_add,

when adding the subscribers (around line 170... sorry--i inserted debug messages in my copy of the code to figure out what's going on), the insert actually fails because :

error: Column subsc_time cannot be left blank. at GForum::Table::Forum::_plg_add line ...

The subsc_time field isn't getting set. You can see the bug in action when you try to create a new forum and list the subscribers--they don't get saved.

However, if you try to 'modify' a forrum, then adding subscribers actually works. This is because, in the _plg_modify subroutine, (around line 330) the code is
$fs_table->insert({ forum_id_fk => $forum_id, user_id_fk => $_, subsc_time => time, subsc_last => undef });

My suggestion is that we change the code in plg_add from:

$fs->insert({ forum_id_fk => $forum_id, user_id_fk => $_ });


$fs->insert({ forum_id_fk => $forum_id, user_id_fk => $_, subsc_time => time, subsc_last => undef });

I made those modifications, and it seems to work nicely.

Please let me know if this fix is correct or wrong.

Many thanks,

Brian Fujito