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Post Not Updating Table "Forum"

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Post Not Updating Table "Forum"

I have a forum install on a new site, and while I installed it about a year ago, I have just recently decided to open the forum. Sometime within the last year, I have done something- I have no idea what!_- that has caused this problem. Hoping someone can point me where to look to fix this.

When a new post is made, the post is entered into the MySQL database, as normal. However, the update to the table "Forum" (which would include "forum_last" timestamp and "forum_last_poster") is not getting posted. I ran in debug mode for a minute and made a test post, aznd reviewed the log. I searched for "Insert into Forum" and nothing came back in the search, which makes me guess that I must have deleted, erased or bypassed in some way the step that makes this insert.

So, any help as to where to look would be appreciated!

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