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Payment support question

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Payment support question

In exchange of a payment, I want to give access to a part of my forum determined by a group and during a certain periode of time. I want also that the access system uses the renewal email notice at the end of the membership (access to a group). Is it possible to do that? I read the manual administrator (I use the french version, and it's not available for download yet, so I can't try it...) and it seem that the renewal system is for only full membership (registered users), not for specific groups. Hope I didn't read correctly. Unsure

Thank you.


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Re: [Franco] Payment support question In reply to

I was playing with this a little,and I have not been able to find the functionality as you describe.

I'm an old BBS person, WildCat, maily, but several others as well. The thing I liked best about WildCat, was the ability to set up groups, such that each group had it's own permissions, and groups were able to be combined. You could use the groups as payment objects, and by that, you could expire groups differently. You could add people to groups, and their access was the combined total -- similar to Unix permissions -- but more robust.

For instance, a "new" user had no permissions. A "validated" user successfully passed the call-back (today, that would be responding to an email with a key-code). A Paid user had further access, and perhaps a certain amount of tokens to be used, or limits. When their "paid" status expired, they could be set to an "expired" level, which had more privs than "validated" but not all the privs of a "paid" user.

And, then, there could be multiple levels of paid users.

For 10 years I've been hoping to see this sort of functionality on the web, but it's not been available (in a robust program).

Gossamer Forum's payment system seems to be missing the "logical" (at least from my old-world standpoint) flow of access.

Maybe if GT reads this, they can explain if it is there, or if it's not there, for certain.

1) Users have "no" access, or default access until the pay.
2) Users have a choice of access plans, which gives them access to various boards and features for a certain time limit, or a certain number of message posts (new-thread posts -- as in a support board). Maybe a certain level lets them post x-attachments, or download n-attachments.
3) When the users access plan expires, they are set to an "expired" level based on their access plan.

The group "New_User" would have virtually no access.

The group "Verified_User" would have a tiny read-only access to some things.

The group "Paid_01" for example, would give 30 days access to the basic forums, up to 200 message postings, and when expired would set the user at level Expired_01 which would let them _read_ posts but not reply (or even trickier, let them read posts for up to 30 days after their Paid level expired, then no new messages)

The group "Paid_02" would have access to several additional forums, 400 message postings, and when expired would set the user at level "Expired_02" which would have the same characteristics as Expired_01, except would include the additional forums.

The group "Sponsored" would get access to the basic forums for n-days, no posting limit, and would drop to "Expired" with read-only powers for the basic groups.

And something like "VIP" would have access to everything, 1000 message limit, etc and drop to Expired_VIP with a sub-set of access powers.

I was not able to find this functionality in GForum. It might only be me not understanding the docs, but GForum was not constructed with the overlapping "Groups" as the basis for access, which makes assigning complex "paid" access rights problematic.

I might be wrong on this, GForum is a new beast for me, but I'm trying to get the hang of it.

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Re: [pugdog] Payment support question In reply to
Hi Pugdog,

Thank you for your post.

On my side, I just need the donation feature combined with the renewal system. I thing GT miss something logical here. The donation feature is great for a personnal website (forum), but not for a website administrated by a company. Not sure I would give my confidence to a company that asks me donation... The full membership payment is also for me not very logical. I think the best way to stop a forum is to start to ask money in exchange of membership. I could believe that some people will pay to start threads, but not sure that a lot of people will pay to answer to some threads and thus help others users. So, progressively, the forum will have a lot of threads with no answers, and will be slowly useless...

The logical way for a payment feature (for a forum) would be to have the possibily to give, in exchange of a fee, access to some parts or features (access by group permissions) for a certain period of time (renewal system). For example, in my forum, I have a classified adds forum for appartment locations. For that specific forum, I would like to charge a annual fee to post in that specific forum. The fee will also include others accesses in the forum and to some features in the user profile, all determined by groups permissions.

On my side, if I can change the the renewal system a way that the users will not be added in the registered users group, but in another (custom)one, that will do the job for me for the next months. It would be really appreciated if Jason could tell us if we could change in the script the group in which the users who pay will be added and if this change will work correctly with the all renewal features (email renewal notice, stop to give access to the group when the membership (annual fee) is due, etc.).

Hope that GT will give us some feedbacks on that.

Thank you.


Sorry for my english...

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