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Payment Donation question

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Payment Donation question

I want to set up the donate part of the payment bit, and fix it so with a miniumum payment, one would be upgraded to a new group (super_user) for one year. I got the add to a new group part, but is it possible to do that for one year, and then expire it?

Also, bit of a code question... how do I see if someone is a member of that group?

I want to exclude banner ads, so I want an ifnot statement like:

<%ifnot super_user%>

Could I do something like

<%ifnot current_user_member eq 'Yes' or super_user%>



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Re: [carfac] Payment Donation question In reply to
You have to use a global, this is what I use:
sub {
my $uid = $USER->{user_id} or return undef;
my $count = $DB->table("UserGroup")->count({
group_id_fk => 15,
user_id_fk => $uid
return ($count and $count > 0);

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