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I have a "Read" pm in my inbox sent 4 hours ago that I've never seen let alone read.

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Re: [RedRum] PM's In reply to
I had a similar problem. However, I got PM's appearing all at random times. For example, I had 2 PM's from 5 mins ago showing, and then another 2 from 2 hours ago finally decide to show up! Unimpressed

Anyone else seen this?

Andy (mod)
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Re: [RedRum] PM's In reply to
This is still happening.

I found a pm in my inbox today that was "read" but I hadn't read it.


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RedRum: Feb 23, 2002, 3:14 AM
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Re: [RedRum] PM's In reply to
I just came on here to post the same thing. I just upgraded to v1.1.1 hoping the open pm bug would go away, but it's still there. Some users are reporting all their pm's are arriving opened, it just seems completely random.

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Re: [RedRum] PM's In reply to

Jason tracked this down. It turns out if the user who sent you a message viewed it in their sent box, it would mark it unread for you. =)

We'll have this fixed shortly.


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