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Overriding user settings.

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Overriding user settings.
As a moderator or admin it is polite to notify someone if they are banned or have had posts deleted or even just give a warning in private....would people agree with that?

So, say I did something ban-worthy in the forum but had pm's off....a moderator could not contact me because they can't override user settings. I think that is wrong.

I think mods/admin should be able to override it.

Granted if people don't want to be contacted or seen online by the general majority that is fine, but they should be contactable in exceptional circumstances by authorized members (ie moderators/admin).
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Re: [Paul] Overriding user settings. In reply to
I don't agree, if someone doesn't want to be contacted, that also includes admin and moderators.

One suggestion, an automatic email that is generated after a thread is locked or an user is banned would be fine, and that would be a system email with generic message that they are banned or the thread is locked. This would save time for the admin or moderator to contact the user and also respect the wishes of the user not to be contacted if they don't want to be contacted.
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Re: [Heckler] Overriding user settings. In reply to
How does a message sent over email respect a users privacy any more than sending the message over some other system? Either way, you can't gaurantee the user will even read the message.

Personally, I think the admin should be allowed to contact all users via pm's. Whether or not all users, select users, or moderators are allowed to contact an individual should be completely configurable in his/her profile.

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