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New feature?

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New feature?
--In the new version of GF, will there be a way to delete a user and all of their posts as well?

--Will there be a way to go to a page for that contain all the threads of that forum and have some sort of checkbox where individual thread could be deleted?

I'm having a serious problem on my site now and I want to go in and remove certain users posts... and can't.! I don't have the time to click each thread individually and delete them.

Honestly, the other features of GF rocks, I love the other features... but for a forum that looks, seems, and is presented and sold as such and that does so many awesome things... the delete option is downright awful --- and unacceptable for a system of this caliper.

I got so mad last night at my GF admin thinking I spent all this money purchasing it and all the time to give it color and pizzazz -- all to be sitting there with a huge problem of needing to remove all these posts and looking at delete options that will either remove EVERY FORUMS old posts or it will do nothing at all. Honestly, ... Matt Wright's old and very buggy wwwboard script would have allowed me to delete all that users posts from the page. I purchased GF because I wanted a very useful forum, and it is not (I have the individual forum delete option, but that is as useless for what I need).

No one will probably respond, but I do so hope you will address this issue in future releases. If this has already been discussed in another post here - which I imagine that it was - I'm sorry for repeating it, but I am so disgusted right now that I have a problem that is large, and a forum that I paid for thinking it would do large things... and it won't.