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New Posts (again, but different)

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New Posts (again, but different)
Bug or not?
(or How to make Jason's life more difficult before the 1.1.4 release)

There are two forums in the "AutoRespond" category of this forum which (at the moment) only contain the first posts of Alex. I have read both posts by going through the "Jump to post" arrow, but I haven't visited the forums themselves directly (since there is only one post in the forums anyway, which I have read). Anyway, in the category list, the forums still say "1 New", which is not true.

As far as I am aware this behaviour is not consistent with the usual behavior, i.e. when there is one new post in a forum and I view it through the "jump to post" arrow, the next time I view the category list, the post is no longer listed as new.

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Re: [yogi] New Posts (again, but different) In reply to
Hmmm. Frown

This happens because you have never entered the forum, so it doesn't keep track of the new posts yet (only forums you have entered in the last 90 days will be tracked). I'll see about a fix...

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