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New Groups added and permissions

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New Groups added and permissions
OK...I know you can create groups... and there are listings of 'permission levels' in the ADMIN area. The 'stock' groups and permissions...are what they are.

Crazy So...how do I alter what my 'new' groups have permission to see/do/read etc.

I know you can set read only ...in forums.... read reply post etc.... but how do I do this for the new groups. I want all users registered... but I want only my new groups to have read/post/reply access.

Unimpressed Do the 'moderators' have more permissions than read/reply/post?
Do the same 'ban' 'disable' 'keep/lock/move' hot links so up for moderators?
Does ADMIN have 'controls' that moderators don't see? Can they be set seperately
(which permissions moderators have)
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Re: [ptegler] New Groups added and permissions In reply to

New groups are default to no permissions (users in that group get whatever permissions registered users have). You need to edit each forum you want to give that group access to, and change the forum permissions.


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