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Moving the forum to a sew server...

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Moving the forum to a sew server...

I am just in the process up updating my web server -- moving to a different machine annd IP. From BSDI-Unix to Red Hat Linux. Both systems have mySQL

What is the simplest way to transfer the forum over? Can I just move the files, or do I need to install from scratch on the new server? Can I keep the messages, forum structure and user logins intact?


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Re: [Bruce Dienes] Moving the forum to a sew server... In reply to
I am just wondering the same thing myself, as I am about to move macscripts over to iuni.

Hmmmm, I know you can pipe one sql database straight into another in MySQL... hmmmmm

mysqldump --opt --user=cate --password=blah --host=www.categories.ca cate| mysql --user=ianmcg --password=secret --host=localhost -C cate

But what will break in GForum if I do this?

I think GForum could use an import/export feature like LinksWink