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Mod_perl setup

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Mod_perl setup
Hi Jagerman,

Thanks for posting the mod_perl instructions. I followed these and started getting some strange errors - eventually I realised it was because I have 2 installations of Gossamer Forum and they have different plugins loaded. So I loaded the one which has the most plugins and (so far) the errors have gone. If the two sets of plugins are completely different do I just need to load the libraries from both installations? Should I be doing that anyway?

The UK High Street
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Re: [afinlr] Mod_perl setup In reply to
I'm quite sure you'll run into problems if the two versions of Gossamer Forum aren't the same, but if they are you only need to add: 'use GForum::mod_perl' once, but you will still need to pass both paths to 'use lib'.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] Mod_perl setup In reply to
Thanks, I'll do that now.