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Missing Advertpro Admin After Install

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Missing Advertpro Admin After Install
Unsure Hello. I posted this is the wrong forum yesterday, and the moderator moved it to the wrong forum - so I am posting here today. I posted this originally:


I purchased GT last week and had it installed (I'm a MySQL dummy [totally void is being honest] and gladly admits it!). I already have AdvertPro advertising system running on my server (for over a year) which blankets the 3 vhosts below it, so the system is deliverng ads to 3 domains on one server.

Presently, I use an SSI call to call the banners in html pages and many perl/cgi scripts. It is as follows:

<!--#INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/cgi/advertpro/banners.fpl?region=3&mode=SSI&name=2"-->

My question is, how do I incorporate the ads into the GT templates? I placed it in the include_header.html and include_footer.html files like this:

Here is the footer example:
... </tr>
<p align="center"><!--#INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/cgi/advertpro/banners.fpl?region=3&mode=SSI&name=2"--></p>

But it does not show a banner. Can someone help me with this please?



Now... when I went to login to my AdvertPro administration page, I find that ever since the install, I cannot login --- the page is gone. I get this error:
Not Found

The requested URL /cgi/advertpro/admin/admin.pl was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I wrote to Jack (he has been handling the install and such - a real nice guy) about this and told him that my host, Interland (I have a Freedom 500 account), upgraded Apache a few months ago and it was one big nightmare. Among many things, AdvertPro was not displaying banners. Finally, after 3 days of having the system down, they resolved the issue. I let Jack know this, and I sent him the letter from my Interland tech that had a blow-by-blow description of everything he did to correct the errors (I also have another Freedom 500 and a Freedom 400 as well that have AdvertPros running on them that would be subjected to this nightmare shortly). Jack said he is swamped with work and could not take the time to go into my server to look for the problem.

I understand this completely as I need a 35 hour day too. However, the fact remains that I can't access my banner system and well..., I have clients to serve - as this problem now effects my entire site. I want to have a GF installed on another domain - so this issue has to be resolved.

My question is, is there someone here who can go into my server and diagnosis and fix this problem? As I described in the original post, I am NOT a server admin by any means. I am a Web designer --- front end work only. I have to pay people to do work like this for me. I can't do this stuff myself --- I just don't have the knowledge or the time to play with it.

Can someone help me with this? My banner advertising system is working on my site --- but I cannot get into the administration page/area.


-Sophia Pirate
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Re: [sophiabarton] Missing Advertpro Admin After Install In reply to

In regards to displaying banners, if you are using the AdvertPRO plugin, then you should just be able to put:

<%Plugins::GForum::AdvertPRO::display_region ('5')%>

in your template for wherever you want to display a banner for region 5. This only works if you have the plugin. If you don't have the plugin, you will need to use <img> tags to load the banenr.

As for the Admin area disappearing, that's very strange. I'd recommend asking AdvertPRO for some quick advice, they are usually very responsive.


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Re: [Alex] Missing Advertpro Admin After Install In reply to
Hi Alex,

I have been using AdvertPro on my site since 2001 -- so I did not purchase the plug-in for the GForum.

Can you put the exact img tag that I would have to use inside of the templates here in a reply? It would save me some time indeed.LaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaugh

Yes, the admin has gone poof. I can't understand it. I have not touched it since AdvertPro installed it in 2001 - not once - in fact, I have not touched any of the files on the server for the program since they installed them. I don't know how to do anything with them on the server side, so I leave them alone. I have 3 seperate systems running on 3 servers and they are serving 8 domains - with no problems at all. Execpt now on the server the GForum was installed on, and the admin dissapeared on the day the GForum was installed.