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Migrating Forum to a new server

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Migrating Forum to a new server
Hello folks,

I tried to post this question before, but it didn't show up on the forum...

I am moving from a BSDI-Unix server to a RedHat Linux server. Both have mySQL.

Is there an easy way to move over the forum, or do I have to re-create it from scratch on the new server?

At the very least, how can I preserve the user logons and the existing forum structure and posts?


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Re: [Bruce Dienes] Migrating Forum to a new server In reply to
I just switched servers from redhat 6.2 to 7.3 so don't know how applicable this will be. I copied across the contents of cgi-bin, set permissions, then copied across the latest versions of directories like Templates, just prior to setting the new server live.

I created a blank 'forum' database (I use webmin on redhat), then imported a dump of the database from the old server using the SQL Execute command. The import/export options were pretty straight forward and I muddled through. I've never had to do this before, but I was able to easily set up on the new server. I expect you'll be able to do the same, without having to install from scratch and lose all users.