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Members in Groups

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Members in Groups
In the Admin Panel .... USERS .... LIST ALL .....

Tongue Tracing code... leads me to believe a GT call pulls up all the users individual settings

Blush Is there anyway to 'loop' a page full of LIST ALL listings, but display ...and provide facilities to modify... who is is what group?

Shocked Or.... write up a template so users are listed like in LIST ALL, but each attribute of the users settings could be shown and or modified 'en masse' (...attributes listed like the DETAILS MODIFY DELETE) the page could list GROUP A GROUP B GROUP C etc or/and another could be ENABLED / DSIABLED ...yet another VALIDATED VAL CODE and so on and so on for each user profile input field?

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Re: [ptegler] Members in Groups In reply to
No, unfortunately there isn't a way to do this currently.

What exactly are you trying to modify for all users? The groups?

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] Members in Groups In reply to
We have a rapidly growing user base, both public (guests) and members (special groups) Having to go through, one user at a time and click on MODIFY from the USERS LIST ALL screen is extremely tedious. Over the next month or two, many users will be moved to different 'groups' as the board is 'locked down' for members only. Guest will only have access to certain parts of the web site.
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Re: [ptegler] Members in Groups In reply to

You can cut and paste a list of usernames into Users->Groups->Add Users, and add all the listed users to a group. Would this make it easier?


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Re: [Alex] Members in Groups In reply to
Smile Yep! Crazy auuHH! right in front of me...figures.

Thanks Alex!