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Manual or any kind of help

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Manual or any kind of help
Hi All

Just wondering if the forum script has a manual just like the one that comes along with LINKS SQL you see i am new to all these script and jumped into buying them all, however for the past week i have been customizing LINKS SQL and learning about that program, however now i have moved onto the forum script and can't find any manual or resources for it.

I looked into the templates for the forum however can't find a home page so i have no idea where to start customizing the program.

What would be good is a resource section for the forum and a resource describing the templates and what goes where.

Can anyone help please.



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Re: [mekro] Manual or any kind of help In reply to

A manual is in development. Right now the help available is in the README, and by clicking Help in the admin area, and of course these forums. =)

We are working on something similiar to Links SQL manual though.


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