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Major bugs in 1.1.5 french version

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Major bugs in 1.1.5 french version

I found some major bugs the 1.1.5 french version.

1 - When I click on "Qui est en ligne" (Who's online") (just on this link), I get this error: A fatal error has occurred:

GForum::Template (32319): Unable to run compiled template file '/home/.../public_html/admin/templates/fd/compiled/whos_online.html.compiled'. Reason: $@: syntax error at /home/.../public_html/admin/templates/fd/compiled/whos_online.html.compiled line 594, near "else"
syntax error at /home/.../public_html/admin/templates/fd/compiled/whos_online.html.compiled line 942, near "}"
. $!: at /home/.../public_html/admin/GT/Template.pm line 459.

2 - Since I updated to 1.1.5, my cron job send me this error: "/bin/sh: /home/.../public_html/admin/cron/subscribe.pl: bad interpreter: Permission denied." I never had this error before. I also noticed that since I updated to 1.1.5, I can't now create new folder in the admin directory with my ftp software.

3 - The Advanced Editor doesn't appear in the french version! See the attachment error1.jpg.

4 - Since I make the update, FileMan in the admin panel doesn't work anymore. I get each time a fatal error.

I found also many french errors in the translated texts. Some parts of french text are very weird (strange french).

It will be great if the advanced editor would be also translated in french. "B" for bold should be "G" for "gras", "U" for underline should be "S" for "souligné", and all alt tags images should be translated also.

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Re: [Franco] Major bugs in 1.1.5 french version In reply to
Hi François,

1. There was a problem in the whos_online template - a missing <%endif%> tag that happened at a bad place inside a loop caused the error.

2. There was a problem in the 1.1.5 package - the subscribe.pl permissions are set to 644, instead of 755 which allows execution.

3. The advanced editor seems to be working normally on my copy - can you e-mail me a URL to your french installation so that I can check it out?

4. There was a bug in our french FileMan library file. It's now fixed.

I've uploaded a new copy of the gforum 1.1.5 package with the three fixes above - just download the french 1.1.5 from the site again and reinstall.

I've added a note about making the B => G, and U => S changes for the next version of GForum.

Any translation problems (such as strange french), please e-mail to me and I'll forward them on to our french translater.

Jason Rhinelander
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