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Lost count :-(

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Lost count :-(
Hi. Recently, as my server burped (sounds like a soap opera eh?), my GForum/Config/Data.pm file was cleared; and as it happened, my Data.pm file was not backed up for ages. Serves me right.

However, when it departed, it took all of the existing user levels with it. Lots of people were starting to move up in count and status and well, whereas I could care less, many of them have hurt feelings and are whining!

Is there anywhere I can go to edit the user levels to bring them back to where they were before the Data.pm file was toasted by my server?

Thank you.......................
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Re: [sophiabarton] Lost count :-( In reply to
That information should be stored in the database and not your corrupted file.

Oh, do you mean a customization like "500 posts = Superduper User?" You can find that in Admin, Setup, Users.