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Locating -> Error: extra 'else' tag

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Locating -> Error: extra 'else' tag

I recently upgraded to 1.2.0. and I had to make several manual changes to the templates because of previous customization. Apparently I screwed up somewhere, 'cause ever since then, I am getting the error message "Error: extra 'else' tag " at the top of all forum views (forum_view template). Is the error somewhere around that spot in the template, or is the error message placed in the same spot no matter where the error was found?

I'm having trouble finding this. It doesn't appear to effect any functions (that I have found yet), but it doesn't look very professional. I wish it had a line number of something.


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Re: [bretzke] Locating -> Error: extra 'else' tag In reply to

I think you will find the extra else BEFORE the error tag. Also, don't forget to look in the includes_header.html and any other includes you have!

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