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Let moderators see invisible users in WOL?

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Let moderators see invisible users in WOL?
I have added the following to whos_online.html so administrators can see who has opted out of being displayed on WOL:

<% if user_id%>
<a href="gforum.cgi?username=<%GT::CGI::escape($user_username)%>;<%hidden_query%>"><%nbsp user_username%></a>
<% if current_user_status = 3%><%-- An administrator --%>
(<a href="gforum.cgi?do=disable_user;redo=<%this_do%>;user_id=<%user_id%>;<%hidden_query%>">Disable User</a>)
<%if user_invisible = 1%><font color="#ff0000">INVISIBLE</font><%endif%>
<% endif%>
<% else%>
<%nbsp user_username%>
<% endif%>

How can I alter it to allow moderators to see the same information? At present, if a user has opted out their usernames are not visible in WOL to moderators.