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Keep posts and deleting options

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Keep posts and deleting options

The GFourm manual says:

"Threads that have been kept with the "Keep Thread" option will not be deleted."

But, what if I want to keep JUST the beginning post of the thread (marked as KEEP) and have all the reply posts deleted after so may days.

Will this work, or will the whole thread be kept?

Outside of Jagermans little goodie that allows you to delete old posts on a per-forum basis - isn't there any other more granular way of deleting? http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...;;page=unread#unread

It seems so odd because this is a knock your socks off program --- and to have just one way of deleting such a complex structure of posts seems almost ... cruel. FrownCruel, yes, that's it. It's like it is missing a huge and most important part of this program by only having one option for deleting across the entire expanse of the forum.

Is there, and I have just missed it?Frown