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Just a comment

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Just a comment
Upon reviewing the posts I canít help but to get the impression that a lot of us want the features in w3t. Myself included. I am disturbed that wwwthreads has changed ownership. I have decided to jump ship and use Gossamer Forum. I look forward to watching it grow and develop. GT creates excellent scripts and programs, no doubt in my mind that Gforum will be also. Hopefully GForum will have the ability to be tightly integration into the other GScripts, especially LinksSQL. (Such as being able to use forum plugins in LSQL pages. The ability to put news and new post calls into other pages like WWWthreads does.)
I also believe that Gossamer respects its user base and will not abandon us.

Through all my silly and sometimes redundant questions, I have always found Gossamer support and forums to display sincere willingness to listen, and help. I do not recall ever stating how much I appreciated it. So I shall now:
Alex and staff, I appreciate all the extra miles you have gone for me. I believe your company adheres to a high standard of conduct and ethics not found much these days.
Thank you, youíre the best and have captured my loyalty.

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Ditto! Wink

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Re: [Muhammad] Just a comment In reply to
me three Smile

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile