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Is this a know bug

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Is this a know bug
I have a problem with my forum and private messages.

When a user is not logged in and is sent a message with a link to a new private messge. e.g.


The user is prompted to log in as expected.

When the user logs in he should then be forwarded to his/her message.

This doesnt happen. The redirect url changes to www.site.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?message=1005

and therefore just shows the forum. It is missing do=message_view;

Is this a known bug? What is wrong here?

Cat xxx
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Re: [catlovette] Is this a know bug In reply to
Yes, this is a bug of sorts. GForum is expecting that gforum.cgi will handle a URL such as gforum.cgi?message=1234 without needing the do=message_view part - but gforum.cgi isn't handling it. You can fix it yourself by editing gforum.cgi, around line 130-135, there is this code:

$do =
$IN->param('forum') ? 'forum_view' :
$IN->param('post') ? 'post_view' :
$IN->param('message') ? 'message_view' :
$IN->param('user') || $IN->param('username') ? 'user_view' :
$IN->param('url') ? 'url' :

You can fix the bug by adding the line in red.

Jason Rhinelander
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