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Installation Error

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Installation Error
Hi. I have been trying ALL day to get gForum set up. Ive tried the windows program and also a manual install.

During the manual install, I get to the point of extracting files, up to

Unarchiving (644) /u/web/ecamty/cgi-local/foro/admin/GT/Mail.pm
Then it stops and wont let me get past this. If you know a way to solve this problem please let me know.
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Re: [ecamty] Installation Error In reply to

Can you try a manual install, and once you have install.cgi and install.dat copied to the server, goto:


That will skip some MD5 checking and may help get the program installed. Also, if you have shell access, try installing it from shell to see what the problem is.


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Re: [Alex] Installation Error In reply to
Thanks... youre a life saver.

Its up and running now.