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Inline Image stored on server?

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Inline Image stored on server?
has this been addressed? I have seen two threads in the past, but no solution.

It would seem possible to have the attachments to appear in the message body using [attach1], [attach2] tags, etc.

My needs:

1) to have an inline image uploaded, and stored on the server.

2) to limit this ability to the first message of a thread only.

#1 is not so trivial if it's to be generalized to all installs

#2 should be fairly trivial through a plugin hook on message-post/edit.

I have not done any GF coding despite having the program since the beta, but I now have to set up some customized installations that blend GF and Links SQL.

It would seem possible to hook the attachments on message display, and convert them to in-line tags. If a message has attachments put the link code into [attachN] etc.

If this has not been done already, then I have a project that I have to do immediately, and any input would be appreciated:

1) upload/attach images to a message -- this is mostly already built in

2) thumbnail the images that are attached -- I have thumbnail code

3) display the thumbnail in the message body (attachment icon) -- this requires display hook?

4) allow the full-sized image to be in-lined with some sort of flag -- this is a database design element, most likely

5) provide the ability to limit this to the first message and/or original poster only -- display/edit/update/etc hook

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

(the reason for this is a "critique" board where an image can be uploaded and then the following messages would be related to that image post -- no "crossposting" allowed.)

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