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Inconsistency in "last seen/last logon"

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Inconsistency in "last seen/last logon"
When you're viewing the Member Directory and you're marked as Invisible, it doesn't show when you last logged on - it just says "Invisible".

But when you click on the users profile it shows you when they last logged on. Seems to be a bit inconsistent withholding the information in one area while displaying it elsewhere.


- wil
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Re: [Wil] Inconsistency in "last seen/last logon" In reply to
So, it's probably best to hide it from the user profile page as well then - after all, if you're invisible, other users shouldn't be able to find out that you were online 30 seconds ago.

The change is to add <%if not user_invisible or current_user_status == 3%>...<%endif%> around the last login row in the user_view.html page. A changed copy is attached, and our forum here is updated. This change will appear in the next release.

Jason Rhinelander
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