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In light of Marc_B's post...

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In light of Marc_B's post...
I was just thinking, shouldn't "Reply" still exist for deleted posts? I can see the reasons for not having Quote and I suppose Reply isn't essential but hmm...I dunno now.

If it is the first post in a thread it renders the thread dormant.

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PaulW: Dec 10, 2001, 10:15 AM
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Re: [PaulW] In light of Marc_B's post... In reply to
I'd like to be able to delete a post (completely so there is no "post deleted" message), but not take out all replies to that post. Is this possible to put in?

If I delete a post I'd like it gone completely, but the only way to do this (where replies are removed also) can be abused by users.

I used the blank post feature to remove a post, then switched to "remove including all replies", but of course there was no delete function on the original post. A similar request to Paul's "Reply" feature, to keep in the Delete button.