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I Exporer problem in posting

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I Exporer problem in posting
A number of users have reported a problem in Advanced Editor setting this is what one user said

Also is one of the bulletin board bugs, when u try to to reply to mesaage in advanced edit and u cannot type in reply box plus you get little graphics on left?

Have to switch standard reply box, to send. only one other forum reply was used with default reply box.

Hope that makes sense .....

I have noticed that the icons above the editor spaced are bunched up in the editor window and the window refuses input. Not sure what is meant by second part ogf message.

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Re: [balita] I Exporer problem in posting In reply to

Here's a thread that refers to this error:


I've thought of switching the default for everybody to the basic editor just to deal with this. I prefer the advanced editor, but have seen this glitch more and more myself.

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HeavyBombers: Apr 28, 2002, 9:36 AM
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Re: [HeavyBombers] I Exporer problem in posting In reply to
Thanks Scott understood. Wayne