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How do I order the Post Icons?

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How do I order the Post Icons?
When someone goes to post a message they are shown all the possible post icons that they can choose from. How do I specifically put them into an order of my choice?

I've tried names, like (1_posticonname.png and 2_posticonname.png etc) but it still seems that they are added randomly.

I've not tried renaming the file names because it doesn't appear that they are ordered by file name either.

How do I go about putting the post icons in the order that I would like them to appear on the pages where people enter new messages (edit messages etc).


The only thing I could come up with and it's less than elegant, is to upload x amount of generic icons, give them whatever name (doesn't really matter, does it) and then see the order they are in, and go and replace the icon with the icon of my choice so that it shows up in the position of my choice.

For example, If I upload icon1 icon1.png and icon2 icon2.png and icon3.png

They may now be listed in the order of
icon 1
icon 3

So, now go in and replace icon2.png with the real icon of the image that I want to show up in the first position, replace icon1 with the image of the icon I want to show up in the 2nd position, replace icon3.png with image I want to show up in 3rd position.

As you might imagine if you've got some 20 post icons, it might be a bit confusing after a while.

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Westin: May 24, 2009, 7:27 AM