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How come most stuff don't work?

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How come most stuff don't work?
A lot of stuff I click on gives an Error.

Like in the FAQ section, when I click on the "Directions for Adding New Fields....", it always comes back an error, "Template" not found or something.

On a lot of posts, links, and stuff I get the same error. Is it just a matter of finishing off the forum, and getting all the templates up? Or, just bugs and kinks that need worked out?



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Re: How come most stuff don't work? In reply to

It's from our old UBB links (which are now 3+ years old). Any link that looks like:


used to get redirect to the proper thread in wwwthreads, but we don't have the redirect working in the new forum just yet. The information is there, so once we get the redirection in place, it should work fine. Hopefully this should be early this week.



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