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Help required Moving Servers

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Help required Moving Servers
I'm trying to move GF one one server to a new server.
The MySQL server isn't changing.
I've done a new install on the new server and that has found the old database and connected to it correctly.
I've copied all the files that don't exist on the new server from the old server (images, uploads etc).
I can tweek the Templates on the new server to match those on the old one with a simple copy and paste.

One thing I can't find is the globals. Where are they stored and can I just move them from one machine to the other ?
What about extra markups, where are they stored ?

Are their any other files that get updated which will also need moving across ?
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Re: [davidnavigator] Help required Moving Servers In reply to
To preserve your template changes, copy admin/templates/default/local/* to the new server. This is assuming you are using the 'defualt' template set.


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Re: [Alex] Help required Moving Servers In reply to
Here's what I did, which worked for 99% of things.

1. Installed a new copy of GF and pointed it to the existing MYsql database
2. On my local (windows) PC ran a copy of ws_sync, and set it to copy all files that exist on the old server but don't exist on the new one from the old to new servers.
3. Opened up 2 browser windows, logged one into admin on the old server and one into admin on the new server
4. Selected the templates page, loaded the modified templates in the old server window, select all, copy and pasted into the new server window and then saved the templates (Did this for each modified tempate)
5. Did the same for mark-ups.

Presumably the markups are stored in a file somewhere which could be copied from one server to the other ?

Relativly easy process, only took about 30 mins all in, though looking through the forums it seems to be a common question, so maybe worth GF putting together an FAQ on moving the forums to a new server ?