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Gossamer Forum 0.9.9 & 1.0.0

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Gossamer Forum 0.9.9 & 1.0.0
We've just updated the site with Gossamer Forum 0.9.9.

This release has a few minor fixes and a new feature for moderators (Detaching a thread). One noticable fix is to new posts - you should no longer encounter the problem of read a post, then coming back to the forum later to find that post still listed as NEW.

We currently have only one more thing to do before releasing the stable version (1.0.0), so you should expect to see the final release around Monday or Tuesday of next week. (The change greatly adds to the usefulness of plugin POST hooks on do= functions, and although it requires many changes throughout the code, it is not a major change) Because of the short life expectancy of 0.9.9, it is an internal version only and will not be released.

As always with any update, please report any bugs you encounter on our site in the Bug Reports forum.

Jason Rhinelander
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