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Global colors

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Global colors
It would be very helpful if there would be a short description where the forum global colors are used, and what they are used for (text, borders, tables?). Some are obvious some are not.

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Re: [jgkiefer] Global colors In reply to

Replacing Global Vars descriptions like "dark_green" with the actual location/function would be a good touch.

I suspect the first customization a lot of people attempt is getting rid of the green so making that easier would be a good thing (nothing against whoever at Gossamer likes green) Wink

Would be nice to add the CSS form colors into the Global Vars section as well. Or a commented style sheet that could be edited.

My .02 stuffed turkey bits,

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Re: [heavybombers] Global colors In reply to
Yes, or maybe add the global description to the heading comments on the css template page.

Can't afford 2 cents, want some leftovet Thanksgiving turkey? Smile