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Gforum and disk space question

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Gforum and disk space question
At the moment I am testing the gossamer forum, which I installed in my home PC to study all their characteristics. I am surprised that after of few tests, as the templates edition and some few post, the space in the HD required by gossamer forum is of 25 MB. I am not making a comparison with some other product, it is simply something that took me for surprise.
I wanted to ask in this thread, about the impact that can have on the HD space, the use of the characteristic like allow HTML in those post. Does really this have a very violent impact in the HD space?

Thanx in advance, and sorry my bad english


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acidoinmetal: Aug 4, 2002, 3:19 PM
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Re: [acidoinmetal] Gforum and disk space question In reply to
Does the hard drive space you quoted include the MySQL storage space?

To give you a reference, on our forum here we are using only 70 MB of disk space, and 41 MB of that is attachments that people have uploaded to posts. Another sizeable section are the spellcheck files, which amount to 3MB, and the compiled templates, which amount to about 2.5MB.

Once Gossamer Forum is operational, and all pages have been browsed once, the size of the files will not increase except by making posts or private messages with attachments.

The database, however, is different story. Our forums here take up about 600 MB - but that can go down to about 200MB if we shut off search indexing. However, database size will not be significantly affected one way or the other based on the options you allow for a forum (except, of course, allowing attachments) - but allowing HTML isn't really recommended.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] Gforum and disk space question In reply to
Very clear answer Jagerman. That is what i wanted to know. Thanx Wink