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GForum ./. WWWthreads ./. UBBThreads
Hello Alex!

Your users have been buying WWWthreads liscence because this product was not there.

Any idea about buying the liscence or exchanging the Liscence for a special price to allow your users to work on a central system?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: [rajani] GForum ./. WWWthreads ./. UBBThreads In reply to
Any idea about buying the liscence or exchanging the Liscence for a special price to allow your users to work on a central system?

I believe Rajani makes an excellent point. When GT-Community is released, it would be nice to see a special price on a package of GT products to encourage users to work on a central system.

GT seems to price their products competitively, and GT produces a quality product, so I am not sure what benefit it would be to GT to offer specials to individuals that want to pick and choose from various vendorrs.

It just lowers the price of GT products and alienates the loyal GT customer by giving deals to users who chose something else.

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Re: [rajani] GForum ./. WWWthreads ./. UBBThreads In reply to
I would like to see discounts for people that want to and/or buys many different products from GT.

Either way, I will wait to collect all the needed dimes and pay for the products as I get the monies together, GT products are deffinatly worth the wait.

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Re: [vanderen] GForum ./. WWWthreads ./. UBBThreads In reply to
Hello there!

I do not think a couple of hundreds of dollars of a price is "Very expensive"!

GT has been competitive all the time. Nor is GT a charity and they also need to live and earn as much as we all need to.

However, the point I was making here was that if would be fair to consider on a mutual basis a competitive price offer not to make the existing users of the GT products using WWWThreads twice for a bulletin board.

For e.g. I use Links SQL and GMail + WWWThreads. This was because GT was not ready yet with their product GForum. Hence it would be fair to offer a discount for the new product GForum, which is what they did untill end of Nov. 2001. I have now a GForum.

I still, however beleive, that it should be an offer without a time deadline so that more users (who did not yet know about GT at all and landed later) are encouraged to buy the GForum in a competitive market and not pay twice for a similar product. This is really fair. It does not affect me at all, but I beleive it so, and hence I write here.

I did not like WWWThreads from various point of view. The most unwanted was their policy they have is their liscencing policy. One did have to pay $50 for upgrades. It did not seem to be logical and was unfair to the existing users. Earlier you buy, more you pay. The price of their product remained the same since years and that was $200! So the users who bought in 1997 would have paid double the price as compared to the users who bought the version 5.x (before sold). Moreover, many this users would have spent a lot of time in some problems from installation to use due to bugs, which is expected to be unpaid as a return.

Hence, in general, I beleive that the best liscencing option is Links SQL, which is extremely fair and competitive. The only thing that can happen due to this is that is shall have always an extra-ordinary sales. More money from liscencing is an incentive from the developer side of view indeed but from the user side of view, is reduces the buyers confidence somehow.

A development of a product in general is supported strictly by competitive sales rather than upgrade money or charge of version difference in upgrading!!! A price-freeze offers a competitive option as a best option to a user as it offers a goodwill of the company as a assurance of a bug-free feature developing environment. Further, by this, existing users also needs to be encouraged to buy new products at a very competitive price.

If I had an option to buy Links SQL version 2.x before two years, I would and not buy version 1.x at all, for e.g. even though all the programming done by GT was, is and shall remain the best and excellent!