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Flood attack

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Flood attack
How does gForum avoid flood attack? Press F5 to Keep refreshing forum for example.

By server or by forum software?
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Re: [sh2sg] Flood attack In reply to
if (my $pid = $DB->table('Post')->select(post_id => { post_unique_id => $temp_id })->fetchrow) {
require GForum::Post::View;
my $post = GForum::Post::View::get($pid);
return($page->{already_posted} => $post);

I think $temp_id is generated by MD5.

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Paul: May 7, 2002, 2:36 AM
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Re: [Paul] Flood attack In reply to
no, not mass posts.

i mean people can keep calling some programs by pressing F5, view topic list for example, which is using db connection, getting user info, searching through the huge posts table ..., , i think that will cause server or db load heavy. and the result is: mysql error,too many connections or server response slow.?
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Re: [sh2sg] Flood attack In reply to
This was implemented in Gossamer Forum version 1 but was later taken out as users were complaining that the forum kept blocking them.

It was put in to stop spiders and robots, I believe.

You can ask a member of staff, I'm sure they will be able to assist you with this. The code might still be in the program, just commented out, or maybe it was done using some server technique.

Anyway, a better way to look at it IMO would be to tackle the problem. Have you looked into a mod_perl solution? This wouldn't actually stop the number of database connections, come to think of it. GForum is preety well setup in terms of database connections. It does a number of SQL queries per connection, so the ratio of queries / connections is very good - I know this as my hosting provider bills you in this way <g>.

Are you getting some horrible figures there, or were you just curious?

- wil