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Fill the Forum with old posts

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Fill the Forum with old posts

i wish to fill Gossamer forum with all the old posts from our previous forum which was not Gossamer but a simple Cgi.

but when i include the old posts in Gossamer forum, they are all dated from today (i want the authentic old date to be recorded) and they appear with my user name as author of the posts (and i want each respectiv author to appear).

is there a way to do it simply or to modify the 'author' and the 'date' for each post.

Tanx if U know.

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Re: [jigme] Fill the Forum with old posts In reply to

No, there isn't a simple way to do this. You need to manually edit each post via SQL to change the post date. This will affect the post_latest_reply columns though, so until you start getting new posts, those columns may be a bit off.


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