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Feature I really miss

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Feature I really miss
As I'm doing some reorganization and expansion on my forum, I find myself missing more and more a feature that I had when I ran the freeware version of Discus.

When looking at categories/forums you could select a radio button next to each and then choose an action from a form selection menu. This would allow you to manipulate a large number of items if desired, say if you were moving a group of forums from one category to another for example.

Setting up a forum is probably the biggest obstacle customers face, followed then by manipulating it's look & feel, and structure.

Such a feature might help ease the pain factor (that and using smaller font for the category/forum list).

Just a thought.

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Re: [ArmyAirForces] Feature I really miss In reply to

And as it comes back to me. Not only could you select the radio buttons to apply an action to, but the basic category/forum list also allowed you to reorder category/forums from there as well - elminating the need for a seperate forum listing.

Example basic category/forum listing:

[0] Category 1 .() <---my ascii radio box version
.....[0] Forum 1 ()
.....[1] Forum 2 ()

[1] Category 2 .()
.....[0] Forum 1 ()


[Apply action] [Reorder]

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