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Expire posts automatically

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Expire posts automatically
I'm looking for a forum program to use as a forum/classifieds.
I like the freedom of a forum so users can write a little more then being restricted in a classifieds program.

Can this forum expire posts automatically? By a given number of days or the option of never expire, controled by the poster.

For example, if the poster wanted there message to be displayed for four days then it would automatically be deleted or taken off the board with a message sent to the poster for renewal.

Thanks Smile
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Gossamer Forum does not currently have this option - post expiry has to be done manually through the admin panel. Automatic expiry on a per-forum basis is a feature that we are planning on for the next major version, however having the user specify the timeout would certainly be a specific customization of the forum that it is not immediately designed for. I suggest you inquire in the Development, Plugins, and Globals forum to see if anyone is willing to help you out with creating such a plugin.

Jason Rhinelander
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