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Error changing Title field on user

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Error changing Title field on user
When trying to make change to user record in version 1.1.0 it first says that Cookie first must be set, we then set the field to ANYTHING and then try again and get the following:
  • Failed to execute query: 'SELECT user_title,user_cols,user_val_code,user_username,user_yahoo,user_email,user_message_notify,user_id,user_temp_pass,user_icon,user_msn,user_time_offset,user_default_reply_notify,user_signature,user_aim,user_default_mh_message,user_default_post_style,user_cookies,user_last_seen,user_template,user_homepage,user_forum_view,user_default_post_display,user_icq,user_disp_email,user_admin_validated,user_interests,user_default_mh_flatpost,user_status,user_rows,user_enabled,user_do_after_post,user_default_mh_forum,user_location,user_default_message_style,user_invisible,user_accept_privmsg,UserGroup.group_id_fk,user_occupation,user_default_mh_search,user_posts FROM gforum_User WHERE user_id = ? ' Reason: Unknown column 'user_cookies' in 'field list'

  • This worked prior to the 1.1.0 upgrade.

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