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Email Subscription and Private Message Notification

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Email Subscription and Private Message Notification
Email subscriptions and private messages notifications in my forum do not work (it never worked). I made many tests since five days, everything is set on, but it still not working.
However, the e-mail notifications on replies and e-mail to users in the admin panel work correctly.

Need help! Thank you!

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Re: [Marc_B] Email Subscription and Private Message Notification In reply to
Here the solution I received from Jason (GT staff) to the email subscriptions problem.

E-mail subscription requires you to set up a cron job to run the script "subscribe.pl" which is located in the "gforum_path/admin/cron" directory.

Typically, the cron job should run once / day.

The following is the line we use on the gossamer-threads.com to mail out the e-mail archives:

20 2 * * * /home/gossamer-threads/perl/gforum/admin/cron/subscribe.pl --send

With this line, it runs every day at 2:20 AM (server time).

You need to set up something similar, substituting
"/home/gossamer-threads/perl/gforum" with the directory to which you installed Gossamer Forum.
And about the problem with the private messages notifications, it's a problem which is in the code of version 1.0.0.

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