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I have email validation set up and anyone with AOL isn't getting the validation email!

Why is this?

Would I be better setting up the GForum mail server with SMTP or Sendmail?

Finally, a few aol users have reported not being able to post even though they are validated (by me) and logged in? does this make any sense?

I LOVE this product, but this AOL business is bordering on unacceptable.Mad

Sorry for the rant.
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Re: [Swaylock] EMAIL & AOL In reply to
Is it Gossamer Forum saying they can't post or something else? Take a look at this:

With them not getting emails, AOL might be blocking your mail server's IP. For example, when I try 'send' mail to an AOL mailserver from my broadband, I get:
brewt@lappy brewt $ telnet mailin-01.mx.aol.com. 25
Connected to mailin-01.mx.aol.com.
Escape character is '^]'.
554- (RTR:BB) The IP address you are using to connect to AOL is a dynamic
554- (residential) IP address. AOL will not accept future e-mail transactions
554- from this IP address until your ISP removes this IP address from its list
554- of dynamic (residential) IP addresses. For additional information,
554- please visit http://postmaster.info.aol.com.
554 Connecting IP: 24.84.xxx.xxx
If your mailserver is being run from a broadband IP, then you may be having the same problem. Also, if AOL users have reported that spam has originated from your mailserver, AOL may have blocked your IP. We have had that happen with one of our hosting clients, and you have to contact AOL mail admins about getting yourself removed from their block list.

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Re: [brewt] EMAIL & AOL In reply to

Thanks for the hints. I'm on the hunt now.Wink