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Drupal integration

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Drupal integration
Has anyone integrated GF with a Drupal site? I'm in the process of a rather large site redesign. The new site will be Drupal-based, but I'm determined to keep Gossamer Forum.

I'm assuming the easiest and most elegant solution would be to modify GF to 1) honor existing Drupal sessions, and 2) pass control to Drupal's login form rather than its own. That would result in site-wide single sign-on, which would be ideal, as there is going to be a lot of active content and user-dependent functionality on the site.

If no one has done this before, can anyone give me some pointers as to where to start? I've written a couple of plugins before and I'm a half-decent Perl coder, so the project doesn't scare me. However, I don't have a lot of extra time. A reasonably-priced solution doesn't scare me either.

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Re: [jasonkchapman] Drupal integration In reply to
I don't believe we have an existing authentication plugin for Drupal. Depending on your familiarity with our coding style/software it should only take a few hours of work to get an authentication plugin done. Authentication in gforum starts in GForum::authenticate, so that's a good starting place.

The typical authentication plugin typically overrides most of the methods in GForum/Authenticate.pm. So for example, you might override auth_init to load the drupal config (so you can get access to Drupal database for session data [I'm not sure how session data is stored in Drupal]), then you'll need to override auth_valid_session to grab Drupal's session (cookie, url, etc) and check it against their sessions. You get the drift Smile.