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Doubts before buy license

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Doubts before buy license
Hello. I have some doubts about gossamer Forum.

1. Only supports english language?

2. I have a forum with the MEGAbuggy Mad script XMBForum. http://www.xmbforum.com. Is it possible export the forum to Gossamer Forum?

3. What is the difference in realibity, server loading, speed, betwen a perl forum and a php forum?

4. GT plan in the future a php version of GT forum?

5. Is it possible in Gossamer Forum include avatars, members ranks with images (stars, etc.) and polls??

Thank you very much.
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Re: [pedroguerra] Doubts before buy license In reply to

1. We currently have a German template set (goto Profile->Display Settings and choose Deutsche to see it in German). You can translate it into other languages as you need.

2. Doubtful. We can currently import from UBB 5/6, WWWthreads and Ikonboard. If you can get your database into one of those formats, then we can do the import. Otherwise it will require a custom job to do the import.

3. Reliability, none. It depends on how well the program is built. Server load/speed, PHP is better under high loads unless you use mod_perl or SpeedyCGI technologies, in which case perl is better.

4. No, not at this time.

5. We plan to include user uploadable avatars. We already have member ranks (and it's easy to change the templates to include images), and we will soon have a user contributed poll plugin.


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