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Deleting old posts and log files ... Help!

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Deleting old posts and log files ... Help!
First and foremost, I am having a problem deleting posts older than X days. Our host claims that it takes up too much in the was of resources and shuts down the process! We can't afford to go to a dedicated server and I need to remove old posts! I evenb went back far enough so that I asked the system to delete one day's worth of posts, 73, and it still didn't complete the task. Can anyone tell me what the minimums need to be from the host so I can do this housekeeping? The host is not a small server company, just difficult and we may have to move, but I don't have the technical knowledge to tell them what I need and deserve for my money!

Also, Log Files? They are in the 'log' directory back to September. They really aren't doing much for me except the current months' info and the rest are just sucking up storage space. Can I safely delete the log.gz file and html file?



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